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Kid Rock – Crossing Genres

Adam Benowitz, managing member of Vision Capital Advisors, LLC, an investment adviser manages funds on behalf of the firm’s clients. Adam Benowitz is also a co-founder and partner at Converge Media Group, a branded entertainment company with several reality series to its credit. At home, he enjoys music, including that of crossover artist Kid Rock.

Kid Rock grew up listening to the classic rock enjoyed by his parents, but he also immersed himself in hip-hop. He became a DJ and rapper in Detroit and gained local acclaim that he parlayed into a record deal. Unfortunately, his appeal failed to travel beyond his home city. After two albums and an EP, Kid Rock borrowed money from his father to record a fourth album that caught the attention of Atlantic Records. His Atlantic debut, Devil Without a Cause, climbed the Billboard charts and produced several hit singles that fused rap and heavy metal.

Nominated for a Best New Artist Grammy Award in 1999, Kid Rock followed up with a compilation of his early albums called The History of Rock. An affair with model Pamela Anderson briefly distracted him from his music, but he released Cocky to commercial success in 2002. Following that, Kid Rock made a self-titled album with a country flavor and then a live album.

After a brief marriage to Anderson, he recorded the gospel-tinged Rock & Roll Jesus, which debuted on the Billboard Hot 200 at number one, a first in his career. In 2010, the album Born Free achieved platinum status. His latest release is Rebel Soul, which combines riff-driven rock with Motown soul and hip-hop.