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Andy Warhol Museum – A Permanent Collection of Artwork in Pittsburgh

An experienced investment professional, Adam Benowitz has been in the financial industry for more than 20 years. He currently serves as the managing member at Vision Capital Advisors in New York, where he handles investment portfolios. In his spare time, Adam Benowitz invests in real estate throughout the Tri-State area, co-manages an entertainment company, and collects artwork, specifically Andy Warhol paintings.
More than 8,000 pieces are displayed in the Andy Warhol Museum’s permanent collection. The gallery is part of the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh and showcases prints, sculptures, and paintings, among many other pieces that comprise the artist’s many works. The Andy Warhol Museum is unique in that it is the largest museum catering to the art and archives of a single artist.
Warhol’s work challenged the differences between pop culture and fine art and created a movement that transformed the definition of contemporary art. Unlike other artists in his time, Warhol used mass-production methods to interpret his vision, which included self-portraits and celebrity-inspired pop art.